A Study of Interpersonal Relations of Teachers in Relation to Their Teaching Subjects

Topics: Psychology, Interpersonal relationship, Interpersonal relationships Pages: 13 (3329 words) Published: February 22, 2013

V. Mercy Jyothi
Assistant Professor
Dept of Education & HRD
Dravidian University
Kuppam 517 425. AP.
School is an institution created by society for the transmission of culture and intellectual heritage to the oncoming generations and it is entrusted with the responsibility of “shaping the kind person” (Rubin 1973) needed for the maintenance and progress of the society. Therefore it becomes a prerequisite to understand the various processes undergoing in its own system. The present education system is structured in a hierarchical manner into groups called grades and classes, where the individuals called the teachers perform the activity of cultural transmission. Teacher is the backbone of the entire process of education and is responsible for the integrated growth of the child. It is essential that the teacher’s philosophy of life should be in perfect consonance with the philosophy on which education system is based. Teacher characteristics like their age, sex, teaching experience, personality make up, interpersonal relationship with their family, colleagues, Head Master (HM), students and their parents are of importance. Teacher characteristics have significance not only for parents and school administration but also for Social Planners, Policy Makers, Teacher Educators and Academicians. Major systematic research on teacher characteristics began in United States during 1950’s, though the research conducted was not non theoretical and fragmented, the findings consistently revealed that good teacher possess positive personality characteristics and interpersonal skills. A Research study on the characteristics of teachers by Ryans 1960, not only assessed teacher personality characteristics but also broadened the way we think about the teaching learning process, by focusing on the observable behavior of teachers in the class room. Ryans also raised the question of which categories of behavior were associated with the most effective teaching. Questions related with the quality of teacher efficiency and teaching process instantly come forth and demand attention. Improvement in the quality of teaching process could be attempted through analyzing the interaction, which goes on between the teachers and their students. It is found that the teachers behave in their class room in relation to their own characteristics, of their students and the subject matter is being taught. From this one can assume that the teacher’s behavior is determined by his personality characteristics and interpersonal relations with in the educational system. In the present study the interpersonal relationship(I.P.R.) of the teacher with their family, colleagues, HM, students and their parents are taken into consideration. PROBLEM OF THE STUDY:

The problems posed by the study are:
1. To establish relationships between the dimensions of teacher interpersonal relations. 2. To test the teacher interpersonal relations in relation to their teaching subjects. To answer the above, the researcher adopted suitable tool to measure the interpersonal relationships of teachers. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY:

1. To adopt suitable tool to measure interpersonal relations of teachers. 2. To find out the relationship between different dimensions of interpersonal relations of teachers. 3. To find out the significant difference between different demographic variables in respect of interpersonal relations of teachers. HYPOTHESIS:

In the present study the investigator has proposed the following hypothesis for testing in the form of null hypothesis. (Agarwal 1990). 1. There is no significant difference between the teachers with their teaching subject in respect of interpersonal relations and its dimensions. SUBSIDIARY HYPOTHESIS:

1. There is no significant difference between teachers teaching Biology and teachers teaching Mathematics in respect...
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