Supporting the Curriculum

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Supporting the Curriculum
1. Explain what is meant by the term National Curriculum? The national curriculum is a legal requirement and is compulsory to all schools children aged 5 to 16 whether attending private or public school. Schools must provide an age appropriate and achievableeducation to all students. Schools are required to provide a varied education including English, mathematics, science, religious education and physical education. The education should challenge the learner and needs to meet the individual needs of the learner for example special needs and learning styles. As children progress through the different key stages there are set targets that children should be given support to meet. Children are tested and compared on a national league table; this can be used as a selection process when parents are viewing schools. Ofsted uses the results of these tests as part of the judgement when grading schools. The national curriculum ensures each child is given a fair and varied education. As part of the curriculum children must sit Standard assessment tests (SAT’s), these tests ensure children are meeting required levels and being given the support they require. The national curriculum ensures each school provides a high quality education to give students the best possible start to adult life.

2. Discuss 5 key factors that influence learning?
Learning styles – Some children learn better by listening, some by seeing and others by doing. Whatever the style the children should be given equal opportunity to learn in a variety of learning styles. For example, f you are teaching a class phonics it may be helpful to have the class watch a video, have children practice verbally and written and hand out books/hand outs etc. This varied approach may seem time consuming but it provides each individual with the same opportunity. Teacher’s enthusiasm – As teacher’s style of teaching is a main factor as to how the children will absorb the lesson...
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