Types of Teachers

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Types of Teachers
Marko Mihajloski
South East European University

Course Name: Skills V
Professor’s Name: Estela Eaton
Date: 23.12.2012
This paper explains three different types of teachers and their role and impact over the educational system. By the same token it is emphasized that the teacher is an important part of the learning process who impacts the shaping of the lives of young children. The relationship between a student and a teacher is a difficult one in most of cases and it is something that raises problems which need to be resolved. At this point every teacher has different way of presenting and teaching the given material and the crucial role in establishing a good and fruitful collaboration with students is the approach of the teacher which should inspire positive attitudes and amiable atmospheres for learning. To illustrate such an approach, as well as the opposite of it, this paper consists of the following types of teachers: intimate, authoritative and indifferent teachers.

Keywords: authoritative, intimate, indifferent teacher;

Types of Teachers
Teachers are the ones that pass the knowledge over to the students and they utilize different way of presenting the given material. According to Jupp (2012), “Teachers make thousands of decisions each day, and they don’t do it about abstract ideas. They do it about a life of a child. You can’t imagine anything harder.” For instance, some teachers bear this in mind and manage to create a friendly atmosphere which gives the students the needed motivation for seeking knowledge, whereas some teachers are not so proficient. The reason for this can be the lack of motivation of the teacher, because there are many teachers who evolve in this profession only because there was nothing else to do and their interest is simply based on earning money. Their goal at the end of the class is a finished syllabus, not passing knowledge. Students find this kind of...
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