A Project Report on Employee Engagement

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Employee Engagement





Institute of Information & Management Sciences




I hereby declare that this project report titled “Employee Engagement” has been successfully completed at GENPACT, towards the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree “Master of Business Administration – (Human Resources)”from Institute of Information & Management Science, affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University. This is an original manuscript developed by me and has not been furnished from any source thereof, has not formed the basis for the award of any degree, diploma or any such titles by this institute or any other universities.




It gives me great pleasure to express my boundless sense of gratitude to each and every person who directly or indirectly helped me with hand and hand in completing this humble piece of work.

First, of all I would like to thank Kaustubh Barooah (HR- Assistant Manager) & Khusbhoo Singh (HR-Manager) under whose supervision and guidance this report was completed.

I convey my special thanks to, Mr. S.S.Vaishnav, Director at Institute Of Information & Management Sciences affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University for rendering valuable support. I am also very grateful to the management of my college where I have been studying, for allowing me to do the course and project.

I specially remember and extend my humble words of thanks to my internal guide Ms. Kirti Singh for her guidance.

I am also thankful to my parents, classmates and friends who were in some or the other way helpful to me in successfully completing this research study.

Executive summary.

The ability of the organization to attain its goals largely depends upon the effectiveness of its Employee Engagement Programme. Therefore it deserves great planning and care to formulate and implement Employee Engagement strategies.

The main objectives of the project is to study the existing process of Employee Engagement in an well reputed MNC , to explore the current trends in the industry in Employee Engagement practices.

A detailed and exhaustive exploratory research is done over the net through relevant websites to delineate appropriate Employee Engagement methods to understand the current trends in the Industry and to know the company profile.

A questionnaire was undertaken as a tool for the extraction of the effectiveness of the Employee Engagement. The 15 candidates from GCF Australia (GENPACT) had answered the questionnaires. The answered questionnaires were, then analyzed. To define in a capsule, it was more of an observation to find the effectiveness of Employee Engagement.


• Chapter 1 : Introduction
• Chapter 2 : Industry Profile & Company
• Chapter 3 : Employee Engagement at Genpact
• Chapter 4 : Research Methodology
• Chapter 5 : Analysis, Diagrammatical Representation
• Chapter 6 : Conclusion
o Genpact
o Questionnaire

Employee engagement is the level of commitment and involvement an employee has towards their organization and its values. An engaged employee is aware of business context, and works with colleagues to improve performance within the job for the benefit of the organization. It is a positive attitude held by the employees towards the organization and its values. The paper focuses on how employee engagement is an antecedent of job involvement and what should company do to make the employees engaged. The paper also looks at the Gallup 12 point questionnaire, twelve-question survey that identifies strong feelings of employee engagement and the steps which shows how to drive an...
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