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Topics: Human resource management, Organizational citizenship behavior, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 12 (4484 words) Published: May 18, 2013
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Employee engagement (EE) is an essential part of organizational life and of paramount interest to human resource management (HRM) professionals in the banking industry due to its influence on the organizational outcomes. This paper therefore examines the topic with the aim of defining EE and identifying the use of, value and benefits of EE to be obtained from industry surveys. This paper begins with the annotated bibliographies of 12 journal articles, followed by an analysis of the relationship between these key findings. The researcher concludes with practical recommendations in order to address the decision-making of whether a Major Bank should be concerned about EE and evaluate the use of and benefits to be obtained from participating in a survey of EE. The scope of this paper is to provide analysis of EE in relation to the literature. The analysis is undertaken by reviewing academic journals, however the amount of information was dependent on a word limit and consequently restricted the explanation and analysis contained within this paper.

2.Annotated Bibliography

Arrowsmith, J. & Parker, J. (2013). The meaning of ‘employee engagement’ for the values and roles of the HRM function. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 1-20. In this A-rated paper Arrowsmith and Parker first review the literature on EE, HRM and EE as well as HRM values and roles and further use a case study approach of an initiative at New Zealand Post designed to improve the engagement and performance of supervisory staff to understand the meaning of EE for the values and roles of the HRM function. The authors investigate these issues through a case study method based on primary and secondary data and 12 in-depth interviews with HR and line managers as well as team leaders in order to identify ways EE is perceived and addressed by the HR function. This case study focuses on the dynamics of developing, implementing and evaluating a particular HR initiative focusing on EE and performance as well as employee voice to generate an integrated set of change proposals around areas such as work design, skills development and leadership support. The article is useful for my research topic as Arrowsmith and Parker provide besides definitions of EE, on what conditions HR should be concerned about EE and further present an example of an HR initiative to enhance EE. The main limitation of the article is that the case study was based on a single initiative in one organization and restricted to supervisory employees whose view may not reflect the actual experiences of employees across the whole organization. Nonetheless, this case study raises the importance of high-level competencies for HR to enhance EE which is closely linked to business outcome. This article will form the basis of my research as it provides useful information on EE, its conditions for HR and their benefits for the company.

Sarangi, S. & Srivastava, R. K. (2012). Impact of Organizational Culture and Communication on Employee Engagement: An Investigation of Indian Private Banks. South Asian Journal of Management, 19(3), 18-33. In this C-rated article Sarangi and Srivastava examine that organizational culture and communication have significant impact in predicting EE comprising of vigor, dedication and absorption. The authors used data gained through a study involving 247 executives conducted in private banks of Indian origin with different educational background and from various managerial levels aiming to identify the role and impact of organizational culture and communication on facilitating the EE. Their research focuses on organizational and cultural drivers and variables which lead to EE. The article is useful to my research topic as Sarangi and Srivastava provide...
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