Employee Engagement

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Employee Engagement

Engagement: The Institute for Employment Studies (IES) definition: ‘A positive attitude held by the employee towards the organisation and its values. An engaged employee is aware of business context, and works with colleagues to improve performance within the job for the benefit of the organisation. The organisation must work to develop and nurture engagement, which requires a two-way relationship between the employer and employee.’

1. This report is to the Trust Board and will outline how the HR department will lead by example to embed a culture of employee engagement across the organisation. Human Resource Departments have a huge role to play in supporting the company in building a strong culture – Becoming an Employer of Choice, Judith Leary-Joyce (2007) The report will seek to re-inforce to the board that engagement with our employees will produce hard edged benefits that will translate into savings on the wage bill including reduced absenteeism, higher patient satisfaction, higher scores from the regulators and make us an employer of choice. It will demonstrate that engaged employees have a sense of personal attachment to their work and organisation; they are motivated and able to give of their best to help it succeed and from that will flow a series of tangible benefits for the organisation and employee alike. Employees with high levels of engagement think and behave positively, which will enable them to have high levels of performance at work. Engaging with our workforce will produce motivated, satisfied, committed employees who are prepared to go that extra mile and will exert discretionary effort over and above their normal role expectations. There are many things that we can do to increase staff engagement, many of which are relatively easy, low-cost or even no-cost; thus demonstrating that creating an engaged workforce need not be difficult, time consuming or expensive. The NHS is going through an unprecedented period of change and staff engagement will be a key ingredient in helping the Trust meet the range of current challenges that it faces. Effective staff engagement will be essential to help meet the financial challenges and improve productivity. Involving employees in decision making and communicating clearly with them the Trust can seek to maintain staff morale during this period of major change. Engaged employees freely and willingly give discretionary effort, not as an add on, but as an integral part of their daily activity and the HR department will be advocates and the driving force behind developing this culture of engagement across the Trust and at the same time reinforcing the Trust values.

2. What is Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a measure of the employees’ emotional attachment to their job, colleagues and organisation which profoundly influences their experiences at work and their willingness to learn and perform. Engaged employees are fully involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and willing to go the extra mile. High levels of engagement result from a combination of experiences at work which includes involvement in decision making, personal development and training, great management and leadership and a healthy, safe, work environment, where every role counts. An engaged employee will act as an advocate for the organisation by recommending it as a place to work or be treated as a patient. The MacLeod report ‘Engaging for Success’ was commissioned in 2008 by the then Secretary of State Lord Mandelson to take an in depth look at employee engagement and report on its benefits for organisations and individuals alike. The report found extensive evidence of increased employee performance and profitability at companies that put engagement at the heart of the workplace relationship. -McLeod, D. and Clarke, N. (2009)” Engaging for Success” Department for business, innovation and skills, crown, A study by the CIPD in 2010...
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