A Comparative Analysis of Tenses in Newspapers Headlines and Reports

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  • Published: December 19, 2009
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A Comparative Analysis of Tenses in Newspapers Headlines and Reports

Introduction. The aim of this course paper is to compare tenses used in newspapers headlines and reports on the analytical basis, and to find out for what particular reasons the usage of tenses in headlines and newspaper articles differ. First, I am going to focus on the characteristics of different functional styles found in the English language. In the light of oratorical, colloquial, poetic, official and other styles, we can better understand the functions and peculiarities of newspaper style itself. Then, I am going to present newspaper style in greater detail than other styles as it is linked directly with the theme of the work and perception of newspaper style would help to analyse the relationship between headlines and articles from a wider perspective. Much attention will be payed on the headline as it is marked by its own stylistic peculiarities, syntax and diction. Indeed, the headline does not share the purposes those of article and its style is primarily determined by its function to attract attention, to suggest the appealing aspect of the news presented in the article. Later, kinds of deviation in written texts will be discussed, as deviation is a powerful stylistic means of foregrounding information. The headline in particular characterized by grammatical, graphological and other kinds of deviation. As the theoretical part of the work is covered, I will do the comparative analysis of tenses in newspaper headlines and articles mainly of informative character. And finally, the conclusions will be drawn, concerning the practical part of the work.

1. Functional styles. Functional styles as the subsystems of language have its own peculiar features what concerns vocabulary, syntax and even phonetics. The existence of functional styles is mainly determined by specific conditions of people communication in different spheres of life. According to I.R....
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