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Topics: Communication, Language, Dialect Pages: 2 (295 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Breakdown of CAPE Communication Studies Topics from CAPE Communication Studies Syllabus (Effective 2011) Module 1:                   Gathering and Processing Information (pages 5- 6) 1. Expression (oral and written)

2. Comprehension
3. Summary Skills
4. Current Issues: Evaluating Sources
-     Defining key concepts (authority, reliability, validity, bias, fact, opinion) -          Sourcing information: locating primary and secondary sources; choosing from among sources; determining the appropriateness of data collection methods; summarising content of sources; evaluating the reliability and validity of sources. 5. Organising Skills (oral and written)

Module 2:                   Language and Community (pages 12 -13) 1. Expression (oral and written)
2. Defining Language
-  Characteristics of language
-  Differentiation between “language” (generic) and “a language” (individual). - purposes of language
- Related concepts (variation, dialect, register, standard, creole) 3. Some Salient Characteristics of English and Creole Languages  (grammar; phonology and vocabulary) 4. Language in Society
-  Influence of social, political and other cultural factors on the development of language and related communicative behaviours. -          Social, political, ethical and psychological roles of language -          The influence of historical factors on Caribbean language situations. -          Attitudes to Caribbean language

-          Language in International Situations
-          Language in Interactive Settings (influence of factors such as audience, message, purpose, occasion, gender and age on choice of language and related communicative behaviours. 5. Technology, Culture and Communication

-  Developments in Communication Technology (print and electronic) -  Use of media for enhancing and facilitating communication. - The influence of technology on cultural communication patterns in the region. - The effect of technology on language use

Module 3:...
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