Analysis of the Structure of a Newspaper Article

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LANGUAGE PECULIARITIES OF ENGLISH NEWSPAPERS Homulo Liubovi, ULIM Newspaper language possesses a definite specification that distinguishes this language from fiction or scientific literature and conversation. Aspiration to report about the latest news in short period of time influences both the communicative tasks and the speech. Newspaper counts on heterogeneous numerous circle of readers and must catch their attention. The reader doesn’t want to waste time on non-specific mass newspaper, that the newspaper information is organized in the way that the report must be brief and concise in order to make a certain emotional impression on the reader. But the conditions of the newspaper issue – tight terms of the material preparation that don’t allow to work it up stylistically in the proper way, repetition of the subjects and restriction themes lead to simplification and standardization of the publicistic style and it undergoes a certain lexical deterioration. Availability of standard gives use to the newspaper cliches, which are characteristics for the newspaper speech. In this way, one of the peculiarities of the newspaper style is availability of repeated words and word combinations. Many of them can be met not only in newspapers but also in other styles of speech, however, probability of appearance of one or another cliche in them is different. Quantitative –qualitative analysis of the newspaper lexis shows a high percentage of proper names, numerals and abundance of dates. A characteristic feature for the newspaper lexis is large amount of political terms. Another striking feature is often use of international words and neologisms. The latter are of great importance and interest because they are frequently difficult for understanding. According to their structure and the way they are formed they are represented in the newspaper language by several variants. More characteristic ways of neologism formation are world-building (affixation, conversion,...
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