Reasearch Article Analysis

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  • Published : July 9, 2012
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Research Article Analysis
November 7, 2011

Research Article Analysis
The purpose of this essay is to analyze a research peer-reviewed article in criminal justice. In this case, I chose to analyze the research conducted by Hurst, McDermott, and Thomas (2005) titled, “The attitudes of girls toward the police: differences by race.” Some of the things I will look to analyze are: to identifying the purpose of the article, the problem, the design of the study, the operational design of the study, look to identify if any inductive and or deductive logic were used in the article, look to identify if the research is quantitative or qualitative in nature, the methodology, the population targeted, the sampling methods used, the return dates, the research findings, describe the conclusions and recommendations made by the author(s), and finally a detailed response of my opinion in reference to if the study could have been done differently or improved. The Purpose of the Research

The purpose of the research conducted by Hurst, McDermott, and Thomas was to examine the perception of girls by race of the police. “Recent research suggests that there is not widespread support for the police among juveniles. Unfortunately, this research typically involves either examining the attitudes of boys toward the criminal justice system, or includes gender as one of many factors that explains attitudes” (P. 583). The Design, Methodology and Approach

The information for this research was gathered by handing out surveys to students attending 9th through 12th grades within the public school system in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was limited in that the surveys were only given to students living in and around a specific metropolitan area. The researchers used two kinds of questions they described as, “attitudinal questions and measurements of attitudes about specific police functions” (p. 583). Some of the questions had to do with asking the students to grade the...