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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Tafari Simmons
Sheepshead HS
Being a freshman at Miami University, many things are very different from the public school educational background back in Brooklyn, NY, where I was born and raised, until now residing in Oxford, OH, attending college. So far I have completed my first semester of college. I play football for the Miami University Football Team, but did not get to play my first year. So basically my hobbies are really just football. I attend Miami to study and receive my bachelors in Kinesiology/ Athletic Training. It is a real interesting and very fun major to be studying. I am not to very sure about any minors, because my academic interest has so many different opportunities just under that one major. I am currently taking 18 credit hours this semester. I have 3 Kinesiology courses, KNH 212, KNH 209, and KNH 206. AMS 207 (American Studies), ENG 105, ENG 112 (English), and EDT 110. Most of the writing assignments in my courses are very similar. We complete papers on the argumentative debates of topics, comparison, rhetoric etc.

I speak English, living in New York all my life. If not all, majority of my family is from the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Our language is not so much different from the American accent, but it has its many differences. They call the language we speak a mix between the British English and Irish, along with the English accent. I wouldn’t really say I have been learning it, but if you would have to call being around it since born learning it, then 18 years it has been. I would never use that form of language in school because it is never needed, therefore no need for me to use it. I would only use it if my friends can speak it or use it as a joke amongst them. The English language is not difficult, so the readings, the writings, and understanding it are comfortable for me. I would mostly prefer it,...
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