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Topics: Parking space, Baseball field, Parking lot Pages: 4 (1182 words) Published: May 1, 2013
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Richard Petway
11 March 2013
w.c. 1,166

Jewel of the Mather Sports Center I made my way across the parking lot, towards the entrance to the gym. As I reached the double doors I paused, then slowly turning, I attempted to take in as much of the outside view as I could. I saw a green meadow dotted with a few thoughtfully placed picnic tables, a few baseball, and soccer fields. I also noticed that this place is home to a busy skateboard park right beside a well-kept playground. My pan of the scene had revealed to me that this place has grown into something more than what I had remembered it to be. Today this center welcomes people of all ages. In contrast, when the U.S. Air Force ran this facility it was for military personnel and their adult dependents. It was a simple gymnasium with a couple of minimally groomed baseball diamonds and multipurpose fields, lacking any beauty. Today, the sturdy old building and surrounding fields are a beautiful sight to behold, and maintained by a local community services organization. The quick survey of the sports center had reminded me that this place is still serving the community in a big way with its available venues and activities. The Mather Sports Center occupies 29.5 acres on what used to be Mather Air Force Base. There are a lot of activities going on inside and out at the sports center. It is a multi-use recreational facility which offers not only the venue for sports activities, but also offers sports related classes, as well as league sports for varying aged patrons. At the center of this facility is an old gymnasium building.

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On the outside, the gym provides over 100 parking spaces, which wrap around it in a shape resembling a horseshoe. There is an inviting...
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