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Topics: Traumatic brain injury, Brain damage, By the Way Pages: 4 (1466 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Mike Koran
L. Lykken
1021 Composition
Mike Koran (left) and Doug King (right)
“I’m Doug. And I’m a survivor.”

“I love to have fun! It is in my blood.” Doug speaks this way as if to show signs of life enjoyment behind scarred mental anguish. This is a man who was diagnosed dead in the back of an ambulance and fell into a coma. Doug is not lying when he says he likes to have fun because he is a man suffering from a severe brain injury due to his passion for fun and the thrill of excitement. He was young and doing want any young boy likes to do with a four-wheeler and that his go fast. Laura Stone, writer for, writes; “Speaking of those toys… While speeding on his quad (ATV) sans helmet, he smacked into a partially hidden tree stump and flew up in the air an estimated 80 to 120 feet, coming straight down on his head. As he lay there convulsing, the ambulance made its way through the bracken to him. He died in the back of it as they raced back to the hospital, but was able to be brought back to life. He fell into a coma and stayed there for twelve days.” Doug is still looking forward these days and has a recent change in his life. Doug King is a part of Brevard County down here in FL. He lives in Melbourne which is the city next to Palm Bay and his area holds most of the shopping. It is similar to popular Minnesota twin cities shopping spots Maplewood mall/ Rosedale mall combined with a Robert or lake street. Doug believes in honesty, hard work, and perseverance because he is such an interesting character that when you first meet him, you see that he is so outgoing, that it doesn’t even make sense to ask any questions. He has a tremendous background full of life but he also suffered a lot of tragedy. He now is a `”hoarder”, for many reasons, but one in particular is due to a brain injury he suffered which resulted in permanent disability. We will go further into this...
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