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CAP managment and financing

The unity of Europian’s agricultur market requires common prices,common support instruments for these prices,common external protecion,joint financing and in general joint management. Scientific commitees,made up of experts from all MS give advice to the Commision on the very important matters of consumer health and food safety.

CAP Managmet
Mangament is either the joint responsability of the Commision and Councile or that of the Commision alone. For every policy such as annual settings of farm prices undertakenig application of the basic regulation the full procedure is used : Commision consults E. Pralaiment ,the Economic and Social comitee. For long applications management provision ,such as adjustment of market mechanism of basic crtieria medium-length procedure is used,without consulting E. Parlaiment or The Economic and Social Ccommitee. There is managment committee for each category of products.

Regulatory commitees also made up for representatives of all MS ,play a role similar to that of the management commitees for decisions about regulation that apply in general areas such as food safety legistlations ,common veterinary or plant, health standart, etc.

CAP Financing
Article 34 of E.Council Treaty devoted the gradual develpement o CAP declared that guidence and guarantee funds should be created to enable the common organisation of the agricultural marekts to fulfil its goals. On January 17 ,1962 during the first agricultural marathon the Council opted the creation of one single fund to finance all Community market and structural expenditure in variouse agricultural sector: The Europian Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF) management falls to the Commision which means that the Commision has sole responsability for it. With one reformfor CAP in June 2003 and 2004 intorduced a major changes having a significant impact on the economy of rural territoriesof the Community. EAGGF was abolished and...
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