Food Safety and Quality

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Food Regulations 1985

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 34 of the Food Act 1983, the Minister makes the following regulations;

Arrangement of Regulations

PART I - Preliminary
PART II - Warranty
PART III - Prosedure For Taking Samples
PART IV - Labelling
PART V - Food Additive and Nutrient Supplement
PART VI - Packages for Food
PART VII - Incidental Constituent
PART VIII - Standards and Particular Labelling Requirements for Food Cereal, Cereal Product, Starch and Bread Malt and Malt Extract, Food Aerating Substance, Milk and milk Product, Sweetening Substance, Confection, Meat and Meat Product, Fish and Fish Product, Egg and Egg Product, Edible Fat and Edible Oil, Vegetable and Vegetable Product, Soup and Soup Stock , Fruit and Fruit Product, Jam, Fruit Jelly, Marmalade and Seri Kaya, Nut and Nut Product, Tea, Coffee, Chicory and Related Product, Cocoa and Cocoa Product, Milk Shake, Salt and Spice, Vinegar, Sauce, Chutney and Pickle, Soft Drink, Alcoholic Beverage, Shandy, Special Purpose Food PART IX - Use of Water, Ice or Steam

PART X - Miscellaneous

Lists of Schedules

First Schedule (Regulation 3) - Food Requiring Written Warranty Second Schedule (Regulation 6) - Label For Food Sample
Third Schedule (Regulation 7 [1] ) - Request For Analysis of Food Sample Fourth Schedule (Regulation 7 [2] ) - Analyst's Certificate
Fifth Schedule (Regulation 15) - Food Requiring Date Marking Sixth Schedule (Regulation 20) - Permitted Preservative
Seventh Schedule (Regulation 21) - Permitted Colouring Substance Table I, Table II, Table III Eighth Schedule (Regulation 22)Table I - Prohibited Flavouring Substance, Table II - Permitted Flavouring Substance Ninth Schedule (Regulation 23) - Permitted Flavour Enhancer

Tenth Schedule (Regulation 24) - Permitted Antioxidant That May Be Added Eleventh Schedule (Regulation 25) - Permitted Food Conditioner (Table I & Table II) Twelfth Schedule (Regulation 26) - Permitted Nutrient Supplement (Table I, Table II & Table III) Thirteenth Schedule (Regulation 28) - Test for Packages

Fourteenth Schedule (Regulation 38) - Maximum Permitted Proportion of Metal Contaminant in Specified Food (Table I & Table II) Fifteenth Schedule (Regulation 39) - Microorganisms and Their Toxins (Table I & Table II) Fifteenth A Schedule (Regulation 40) - Drug Residue (Table I & Table II) Sixteenth Schedule (Regulation 41) - Pesticide Residue

Sixteenth A Schedule (Subregulation 41 [4] ) - Group Names of Food Sixteenth B Schedule (Subregulation 132A [3] ) - Substances Which May Be Used in Bases of Artificial Sweetening Substance Seventeenth Schedule (Regulation 133 [2] ) - Permitted Non-Nutritive Sweetening Substances (Table I & Table II) Eighteenth Schedule (Regulation 133 [6] ) - Licence (Form B, B1, B2, B3, B4) Nineteenth Schedule (Regulation 133 [7] ) - Application for Licence (Form C) Twentieth Schedule (Regulation 133 [8] ) - Record (Form D, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5) Twentieth Schedule A (Regulation 134 [3] ) - Aspartame (Table I, Table II) Twenty-First Schedule (Regulation 389 [3], 389 [5] ) - Nutrient Levels & Permitted Food Additive in Infant Formula (Table I, Table II) Twenty-Second Schedule (Regulation 390 [6], 390 [7], 391 [6] ) - Nutrient Levels & Permitted Food Additive in Canned Food For Infant & Children (Table I, Table II) Twenty-Third Schedule (Regulation 391 [7] ) - Permitted Food Additive in Cereal-Based Food For Infants and Children Twenty-Fourth Schedule (Regulation 392 [3] ) - Maximum Total Energy Value of Low Energy Food Twenty-Fifth Schedule (Regulation 394 [1], 360B [3] ) - Standard For Water and Packaged Drinking Water Twenty-Sixth Schedule [Regulation 360A (7)] -- Standard For Natural Mineral Water Twenty-Seventh Schedule (Regulation 360A [2] ) - Licence To Take Natural Mineral Water From Any Source For The Purpose of Trade or Business PART I

1.Citation, commencement and application

3.Food which requires a...
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