Health and Social Care

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Work Placement Portfolio On Health And Safety.
This is a summary of how my placement at field house, meets health and safety to make sure that the working environment if safe for staff and residents also visitors. Food Safety Act,
This act ensures that nothing extra is included in food, or remove anything from food or treat food in any way this could damaged to the health of people eating. It should be served to the quality which consumers would expect their food to be, that all food is labelled so you know when the date is and what food it is. My placement used the food safety act, by using posters and ways to cut the food with what borders. They made the people in the kitchen do training often, they had to wear appropriate clothing in kitchen at all times and hair pulled back. This act ensures that all the service users in field house, have a balanced diet and provided them with options with what they may and may not want to eat. This ensures them to have some dignity so they can feel like they are in control of something, service users can sit down and have some cake or biscuits with a drink if they would like. They are getting quality food so they can stay healthy and get the vitamins and minerals they need, the food is labelled appropriately so if people are allergic to anything and the food is local so it means the food is fresh. Manual Handling Operations Regulations,

This act avoids a risk of injury as far as possible; they also encourage people to move independently as possible. People to be lifted safely staff cannot lift independently or when moving heavy residents, staff also should avoid twisting their body’s and to never lift of the floor keep load close to your body. My placement uses this by putting posters on the walls, also making staff have training often so if anything changes with manual handling they all know about it. This ensures that all residents get moved safely and feel comfortable and secure. This also makes staff feel safe about doing what they are doing, manual handling also makes the job a lot easier for staff to get everybody out and done quicker. This ensures that residents will not get harmed or have any injuries, staff will also get put at less risk with back problems or any other problems.

Data protection act,
The information is held should be relevant and not excessive, the information should not be held longer than necessary. This is when they hold sensitive information about the residents so when new people come in to work, they know the residents backgrounds to make that residents stay better and make them look like they understand knowledge. Individual’s diagnosis is highly confidential, not everyone wants their relatives want to know what’s wrong with them, also some information can be embarrassing for residents. When people are at placement the students will be able to access some information about the residents, they must disclose this information for their personal dignity. When a resident has died their records cannot be destroyed, their records has to be kept for at least eight years since that resident has died. My placement at field house let me know some knowledge about some residents, I couldn’t know a lot because of data protection and their own dignity. One of the resident had a item that meant something to her, so they had to keep it safe so when she passes away one of her member of family would have it. At field house they let the residents write a paragraph about their life it was amazing to read one women said, that she got her first house in Horfield and they had to put £40 for a deposit for their home. That shows to staff that these elderly people had lives to, they did things when they was younger they wasn’t always the way they was.

Care Homes Regulations,
Every care home has a manager who has a qualification in...
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