Working While in College

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  • Published : September 30, 2010
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In large numbers, students opt to working part time jobs while in college. There are the pros and cons of having a job while being a student, and in my opinion, the advantages are more significant than the disadvantages.

Clearly, there are some disadvantages of working part time jobs while attending college .These students have less time to do everything. It is difficult to finding time to study. It may affects to their studying result in college. In addition, their work might interfere with the class schedule. If these student have both work and class schedule, they will decide to chose one of two, absent from class or absent from work. However, so a coin has two sides and so does working part time jobs. Firstly, students get a jobs means that they earn some money. Therefore, these students can buy things they want or save for the future. Besides, it makes the positive impact on their career. The first way, it can help you build relevant skills, such as, teamwork skill, communication skill, etc. Another way, it can help you enhance your resume and cover letter. Finally, the working also increases their self-esteem. They have belief and confidence in their own ability and value. Therefore, they feel confident when apply, interview for a job after college graduation. In conclusion, beside of disadvantages, there are a number of very good benefit for students who choose to do jobs while in college. With the pros and cons above mentioned, students should consider carefully whether do part time job.
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