Should High School Students Work During the School Year?

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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Should High School Students Work
During the School Year?

There’s a time in life when teens want to get a head jump into their adulthood. To show that they’re maturing, some teenagers start smoking, while others start dating to show their responsibility and commitments towards relationships, but most of them start working part- time in order to have money to do the things they wish to do. In fact, I got my first job at the age of 15 when I was a freshman in high school. The reason why I chose to work was because I wanted to save some money for college. Although I work to save money for school, many of my friends work to save money for new-fashioned clothing and shoes. As a result of working, my GPA dropped from a 3.83 to 3.55 during my senior year. Earning money to spend can be a good thing, but having a job does hurt a teenager in several ways. Therefore, students who are attending school shouldn’t work during the school year because working has a negative effect on the student’s school success as well as his/her future. Although having a part-time job may help a growing teen to be more independent, work ethic driven and more productive, it interferes with the school involvement of a teenager. Working long hours while attending school is just too much hard work for young adults to handle. Imagine getting home tired from a four-hour shift at work and still having homework to do after dinner and a shower. I’m sure some people can handle this for a week or so, but after that, they’ll get burnt out. Too much work leads to stress and eventually, working teen’s grades will drop. When their grades start dropping, they may cut back their course load and begin to avoid classes that require many hours of studying. In the article “Part-Time Work Ethic: Should Teens Go For It?,” Dennis McLennan cites evidence from a study of more than 500 working and non-working students at four Orange County (California) high schools, “part-time employment during the...
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