Teen Jobs

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22nd October, 2012

Working as a Teen

It is important for teens to have a job in high school because of all the great aspects they can get out of it. Jobs give teens a leap of confidence and teach them independence. Working after school is an incredible way for teens to learn the importance of responsibility. They will have the opportunity to get a taste of the real world and prepare for the future.

Having a job while in high school will teach a young teen how to get along and collaborate with fellow workers and a boss. Teens are not only responsible for keeping their grades up at school, but they must arrive at work on time and get the job done right. A teen taking on this extra responsibility while going to school will learn time management skills, which will be beneficial in his or her future. Jobs teach teenagers good work habits and help develop relationship skills that will be needed in future careers.

Teens who have their own money, money that they have worked hard for themselves, have a sense of pride because they don’t have to be dependant on their parents for everything they want. They have a little more freedom in regards to what and

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when they can buy something and don’t only have to worry about the necessities when they need them. Working teenagers also learn how to manage their hard-earned money. For example, teens are often saving up for their first car, and need to learn what percentage of the money they can spend out of their paycheck and how much money needs to be saved.

People question if teens should have a job while in high school or not because having a job can be very difficult at times. Jobs may cause teen’s additional stress on top of the normal stress they have. Some people argue and say that work can affect a student’s grades or relationships with their peers. Although that may be true, with today’s technology the youth have easier...
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