The Availability of Proper Jobs for Undergraduates of Lahore: Perceptions of Undergraduate Employment and Its Socio-Economic Impacts

Topics: Full-time, Part-time, Part-time employment Pages: 43 (14450 words) Published: December 9, 2011
The availability of proper jobs for undergraduates of Lahore; perceptions of undergraduate employment and its socio-economic impacts

Haisam Mehmood
Hiba Kamran
Muhammad A. Ghazi
Saba F. Firdousi

Lahore School of Economics
Academic Writing
Mariam Ishtiaq


This study shall provide us with an opportunity to envisage the potential in the undergraduates of Lahore, thus bringing in limelight the factors that hinder their participation in the labour market. We shall also be able to identify social-economic perspective of this issue taking feedback from various segments of the society like students, teachers, parents and other people from the society. As a result of this identification, we aim to substantiate the viability of a model that is similar to that being undertaken in first world countries like U.S.A and U.K. The underlying purpose of the study is to bring about self-realization in undergraduates and provide them with opportunities that shall enable them to progress economically. For this purpose to materialize, we aim to analyze their reactions through conducting surveys that will provide us with decisive quantifiable data on the subject matter. Moreover, interviews will be administered for part-time employed and for undergraduates actively seeking work. The interviews will be useful in providing subjective qualitative data for further analysis.  The availability of proper jobs for undergraduates of Lahore; perceptions of undergraduate employment and its socio-economic impacts

The research shall enable us to clearly identify merits and demerits of part time work and its precise likely impact on students’ studies in a scenario where a model of part-time employment is implemented in Lahore. The feasibility of legislative measures in order to provide the undergraduates with better and flexible employment opportunities will also be discussed in our paper. The practicality of such a measure will be considered and social change required to implement this model will be discussed in detail. Our mix of research tools shall provide us with information that will help us to establish credibility of our hypothesis. Precisely the assumption is that implementation of a model of part-time employment similar to that in U.K and U.S.A shall yield greater benefits than costs; and effective management of time can lead to socio-economic prosperity. Our research suggests that undergraduates can play a vital role in the socio-economic uplift of our country and our part-time employment model has the ability to reduce the impacts of the prevailing socio-economic crises in Lahore.

Research Questions
How do we define employment for undergraduates in Lahore? What kinds of employment opportunities are available for undergraduates? How does these opportunities affect undergraduate at individual level? What is the society’s perception about the employment opportunities of Lahore? What is the affect on economic growth due to part – time employment of undergraduates?  

The general methodology most authors have adopted on this topic was found to be equally balanced between a qualitative and a quantitative research approach. The quantitative study enabled us to analyze the adverse impact of part time work on academics. While the qualitative study enabled us to critically analyze the various affects of part-time work on the society as a whole. We were able to identify the fact that graduates prefer to stay in countries like U.S.A primarily because of availability of better employment opportunities. Hence we can conclude that for a third world country like Pakistan, it is exorbitant to not capitalize on the potential of the youth of this country. Our study is aimed at exploring this potential and channelized it to achieve higher growth rates and a better standard of living. Our purpose is to enable the undergraduates of Lahore to utilize their time as effectively and fruitfully as possible. Apart...
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