Work Integrated Learning Exposure

Topics: Employment, Skill, Training Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: May 25, 2013
On – the – job training is one way of obtaining the proper exposure, experience and education. On – the – job training does not only develop the intrapersonal skills of an individual but also his/her interpersonal skills. Since the on – the – job trainee is exposed to the different environment of having a job, it makes him/her ready as to whatever constraints he/she will be facing in the actual work in the future.

Exposure, experience and education – these are the essential characteristics that the employer is looking for in a job – seeker. The applicant must be exposed to the different type of working environment. With proper exposure, the applicant could cope up with any type of working environment. Experience is the greatest teacher. An applicant with greater experiences before applying into a specific job earns the highest possibility to be hired. A person who has the greatest amount of working experience has initiative and is a great asset to the company. Education is of great importance especially in today’s world. Employers are seeking for applicants who have the proper background in the field of work. Proper educational background gives the employer a reasonable assurance that an applicant is suitable for the job.

The trainee is required to have a 200 – hour on – the – job training in order to comply with the course requirement. The trainee was tasked to update inventory of fixed assets and supplies and also perform other clerical works related to accounting.

This paper presents the trainee’s work experiences during his on – the – job training. Part 1 presents the company where the trainee had his training. This part discuses the company background, main/branches, product/services, number of personnel, organizational structure, the market, channels of distribution and promotional activities.

Part 2 features the work integrated learning exposure. This includes the proof that the trainee really had his/her on – the – job...
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