Work Breakdown Structure

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Week 3 Assignment Work Breakdown Structure
BUS 611 Project Planning and Management
August 13, 2012

Week 3 Assignment WBS
Level 1| Level 2| Level 3| Responsibility|
CPN Electronic Medical Record Work Breakdown Structure| 1.1 Project Conception and Initiation| Task: 1.1.1 Evaluation and recommendations Task: 1.1.2 Review Scope and timeline
Task: 1.1.3 Review resources, support and
Technical Plans| Project Manager, Vendor Project Manager, CIO and Key Stakeholders| | 1.2 Project Definition and Planning| Task: 1.2.1 Develop Project Charter and Project PlanTask: 1.2.2 Determine project team and Task: 1.2.3 Project Team Kickoff Meeting

| Project Manager and Vendor Project Manager|
| 1.3 Project Execution| Task: 1.3.1 Install test system and complete Integrated testing Task: 1.3.2 Procure and deploy hardware/software and User Training Task: 1.3.3 Install Live System

Task:1.3.4 Go Live| IT Project manager and Vendor Project Managers, Systems Analysts, Systems Programmers, Clinical Informatics Specialist, Network Analyst, Ancillary Systems ManagerOpenlink Specialist, IT Techs, IT Operations Manager| | 1.4 Project Performance and Control| Task: 1.4.1 Change Management Task: 1.4.2 Project Weekly Status Meetings

Task: 1.4.3 Risk Analysis and Contingency Plan
| IT Project Manager, Change Management Committee, Vendor Project Manager| | 1.5 Project Close| Task: 1.5.1 Update and archive files/records Task: 1.5.2 Document Lessons Learned
Task: 1.5.3 1.5.4 Sign-Off on Formal Acceptance
| IT Project Manager and Vendor Manager|
A Work Breakdown Structure diagram expresses the project scope in simple graphic when tasks in a project do not need to be completed in a linear fashion.

Contingency Plan
What looked like a carefully orchestrated set of assignments can turn into a total debacle without some method of rescuing the derailing train. Effectively planning and executing a project requires adding contingency measures throughout a team’s timeline (Barkley, B., 2006). For this project “Execution Phase”, the key triggers were missing deadlines due to unaccountability, inadequate resources, due to competing priorities and timely and accurate procurement of equipment due to organization finances, and new procurement staff. Therefore, approximately eighty percent of the contingency plan addressed these three critical paths. I renegotiated the contract to decrease the amount of cash due at “Go-Live” (see-imbedded document below). Critical team members were given backup partners to ensure accountability and minimize if not eliminate disruption related to competing priorities, inadequate resources, and lack of accountability, as well as, the Clinical Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer was given responsibility to work with Procurement and IT to ensure hardware and equipment were order per specification, per requires quantity and

Barkley, B. (2006). Integrated project management. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill

Duties and Responsibilities of Key Project Team Members
Clinical Systems manager/PM
Functions as the Project Manager for all clinical projects. Responsible for optimal clinical workflows through advanced technology solutions and electronic process, ensures all clinical and clinical related systems or processes are working effectively and efficiently; staffs are trained in the use of the systems; assures data integrity is a priority and proper security and privacy measures are taken; systems are tested; and clinical analytics are accurate and timely. Functions as the liaison between Clinical areas and Information Systems (IS), represents, and advocates for Clinical resources as appropriate. Work collaboratively with Information Systems and all other departments as necessary in project management and problem solving to advance technology for the organization. In addition, implementation,...
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