Pm 592 Week 1

Topics: Work breakdown structure, Project management, Management Pages: 2 (340 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Omowumi P. Abe
Keller Graduate School of Management
You Decide Week One
Professor: John Dokos

To: Karen Rose (Marketing Director)
CC: Jessie Megana (R & D Director)
From: Omowumi Abe (Project Manager)
Subject: The Product Development of New Vision System at VisionTech Date: 01/13/2013
Good day MS Rose and Megana , I would like to thank you for taking the time out to discuss the specifics of the new Vision System product the other day. This email is to follow our meeting on 01/12/2013 about the development process of the new Vision System at VisionTech. There's a lot at stake when developing a new product or service , however to minimize risks and allocate investment and resources wisely, I have enlisted the help of the project team to create a detailed WBS to capture the necessary tasks based on the project requirements, that are going to be need to get the job done. The WBS lays the groundwork for developing an effective schedule and good budget plans, it will provide the necessary framework of tasks that ensures that the new product matches the market need , and the product’s overall profitability. There's a lot at stake when developing a new product or service. The following are the component element list without hierarchical structure that were identified during the meeting, that will create the organized breakdown of the development process to ensure that the product development process is executed effortlessly: * Market Feasibility

* Concept Feasibility
* Design and Development
Below is a graphic representation of the detailed Work Breakdown Structure to facilitate the project on hand:

New Vision System Project
1.0 Market Feasibility
1.1 Interview Customers
1.2 Determine market trends
1.3 Test Market
1.4 Identify Target Market
2.0 Concept Feasibility...
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