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Kirk Samuda
University of Phoenix

Week (4)
Mr. Jeffrey Mc Nickle

Riordan Manufacturing must acknowledge that the initiation of any project can get a black eye because of implementation problems. As such, they should realize that the major overall problem with implementation is that complexities associated with it, usually occurs when the solution is deployed. Hence, many of the details of implementation must be planned ahead of time. The HR & IT departments cannot start planning for implementation at the same time that the actually implementing is occurring.

It must be noted, that the implementation stage of this project is where all the information gathered in the prior phases begin to take on a shape. This phase will reflect the construction of the detailed project results, this is where things are done, and a momentum is kicked into gear via the preparation of many programmers, who will be busy writing codes, as contractors are constructing, and Systems Analyst are frantically involved in developing materials.

Diagram shows the six steps involved in the implementation phase. Coding


The first activity involved in the implementation phase is the coding activity. Riordan Manufacturing must now prepare for the designing of a system that puts into account all the information that was gathered during the prior 3 phases. Upon completion, the next sub activity required is for the programmers to commence the coding phase and to translate the design of the system into codes using the most appropriate and effective programming language. For an authorized HRIS design, the objective of this coding phase is to implement the HRIS structure in the best possible way. The coding phase will affect both the testing and maintenance activities profoundly. A set of strategically well written codes will reduce the testing and maintenance activities. However, Since the testing and maintenance cost of software are much higher than the coding cost, the objective of writing codes is intended to reduce the testing and maintenance effort. Hence, during coding the focus should be on developing programs that is easy to write. Clarity and simplicity should be of the highest importance during the coding phase.

For The HRIS to be successfully coded, an important concept that helps simplify the application is structured programming. Riordan Manufacturing must emphasize on using structured programming for the development of its HRIS, with the goal being the arrangement and control flow of the application. Simplified, this means the program text should be organized in a sequence of statements that executes in a manner which makes it quite traceable. An example of what codes are, can be seen below.

10PRINT “ Riordan Manufacturing Corporation “
20PRINT “ Human Resources Information System (HRIS) ”
30 PRINT “ Copyright for Riordan Manufacturing 2013 – 2014” 40INPUT ; PRINT “ Please enter your Employee Pass code, ”; EMPLPCODE 50IF EMPLPCODE = “X”, THEN 1000 ELSE 2000
The second activity in the implementation phase is called the testing activity, which requires that all the codes written in the previous activity be tested. Riordan’s HRIS must be subjected to testing, which is a process performed to enlighten the stakeholders by sharing information regarding the quality of the product. Testing the software will provide to Riordan’s management, an independent and objective view of the software, which allows Riordan Manufacturing to understand and appreciate all the processes invested in software implementation. Test techniques include the process of executing a program with the intent of finding software errors.

It is very important for the managers of Riordan Manufacturing to play a role in the software testing process, and be informed of the pre-requisites or sub-processes involved in the...
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