Kirk Samuda

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Kirk Samuda
University of Phoenix
Service Request2_Riordan Manufacturing

The application architecture and process design phase are both subsequent steps that heavily depends on all the information acquired during the Analysis process of this project. To understand the intricate role of application architecture, HR must appropriate its significance by acknowledging that the current HR system does not permit continued and simple interface between information in one department and those that need to share it. As such the Analysis phase must highlight the short coming of the existing system and build on the premise that a new HRIS will be designed using an architectural structure that permits accessibility to HR information, connectivity between departments, and a shift in the culture of applications used at Riordan Manufacturing.

The existing cultural is prejudice to third party affiliation and limits accessibility to information; the new culture will exercise the fundamentals of application architecture within the business, directing focus on interactivity among departments, and the end users. Pin point focus must be aimed at the data acquired, produced and consumed by applications, and not merely their internal structure. As such, the applications architecture is highlighted based on the business requirements. Riordan Manufacturing must emphasize that the new culture involves the defining and interaction between application packages, middleware systems, and databases, and there functional capacity.

HR as it transitions into HRIS, must adapt to the process design which will outline the activity of workflow determination, equipment needed, and the implementation requirements for specific processes.

Riordan Manufacturing must endeavor to use HR to fully utilize HRIS, by bringing experienced management and staff together, with the understanding of the new HRIS culture, and how it will positively impact human...
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