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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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1.1 Fashion Retail Window Displays

For this assignment I am going to analyse the features of 2 fashion retail windows in terms of their effectiveness in supporting a positive brand image. Harvey Nichols
In 1831 Benjamin Harvey opened a linen shop in a terraced house on the corner ofKnightsbridge and Sloane Street in London. Later, the business was passed to his daughter, and started selling Oriental carpets silks and luxury goods alongside the linens. Up to date, Harvey Nichols has open five department stores in UK, where is London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburg , and also five overseas store, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Turkey, Dubai and Hong Kong. Harvey Nichols is one of the most fashionable and luxury department stores internationally. Customers can find most of the world famous fashion designers’ brands in the store.

Harvey Nichols always has that eye catching window displays since 200 years ago. The purpose of this 2012 pre winter window display is to promote it as a brand. However in doing that, they show their products that they stock. Harvey Nichols have created a exotic yet striking window display to catch people’s attention also to show other brands or shop that they are unique. Therefore Harvey Nichols supported The Campaign for Wool with an exclusive installation of bespoke wool bags by some of our key international designer brands. The Campaign for Wool was initiated by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, who had observed that the wool industry was facing enormous and unprecedented challenges. The Campaign is multi-national, multi-sector and inclusive, and tries to embrace all sections of wool users from the very largest companies to specialist artisans. The store was wrapped in over 100 metres illuminated wool. The wool warps and wefts around the store in a gigantic 3D display, with a huge ball of yarn that perches over with accompanying oversized needles and hopes to educate consumers about the benefits of wool and...