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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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2. Situation Analysis
3.1 Marketing Mix Analysis
3.1.1 Product
Marc by Marc Jacobs produces garments that include vintage pieces with a modern twist, and are made fresh for current trends. The brand aims to target young adults with a style that is unique to other designers. The designer label range moves away from clothes found on the runway and more towards ready-to-wear clothing, including bags and accessories. Marc by Marc Jacobs as a brand ‘has fun with sharp suits, dresses, coats and skirts by infusing them with bright bold colours and fun retro stripes winningly’ (Smith 2011). Products usually involve a lot of colours. A lot of pastels are used, in particular greens and oranges. The product range consists of the following items:

Men| Women|
Ready-to-wear| Ready-to-wear|
Swim| Swim|
Shoes| Shoes|
Bags and Accessories| Bags|
| Wallets|
| Jewellery and Accessories|

3.1.2 Price
The price range for Marc by Marc Jacobs fairs closely to its competitors. Therefore Marc Jacobs adopts a competition-based pricing, whereby a company has some distinguishable characteristics to its main competitors. Even though Marc Jacobs tries to set itself apart from its main competitors such as DKNY, Calvin Klein and Gucci ( there are similar traits they share. Marc by Marc Jacobs has also portrayed a tradition of pricing their products moderately high in order to keep the prestigious and favourable image among its consumers. MBMJ does this because it wants to maintain the position that high end products are expensive or moderately priced. Marc Jacobs’s exceptional reputation and quality are therefore maintained based primarily on price. 3.1.3 Place

Marc by Marc Jacob products currently can be found at selected stores in Sydney. In particular, they are exclusively sold at the following stockist: Belinda in Sydney, Robby Ingham and INCU City Men’s/Women’s in The Galeries Victoria and Paddington. Marc by Marc Jacobs has also moved...
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