Wider Professional Reading

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Wider Professional Practice [Part 4]

I believe that education should be available for all. I feel particularly strongly that those from disadvantaged backgrounds should have the opportunity to experience learning and thus have the chance to make their own life choices. To work with a learner who realises his / her own worth is, to me, a greater experience than handing them a Maths or English certificate, although this is very rewarding, as well. So, perhaps, the first value that I would put forward would be to support the individual to ‘self’ develop – personally and educationally, giving opportunity for self-awareness and actualisation. This necessitates time, flexibility, encouragement and the ability to motivate [not always easy]; it also needs trust and mutual respect [often a failing cited by learners about teaching staff], which develop as the relationship progresses.

Following on from this it is important that all have equal opportunity to succeed. Inclusion and establishing individual needs is important, as is being a good role model and exerting professional behaviour, thus, embedding standards which will support the personal growth of the learner. For some this positive role model will have been ‘by-passed’, but it is also as mentor, coach and counsellor where support should be available, if required. These values can help improve quality of life, develop potential and offer purpose to learners but will also, hopefully, make them productive citizens. Personal development in the student is paralleled in the educator - autonomy an important vision for learner and tutor alike To learn, ourselves, from experiences, reflection, evaluation and self-investigation is the basis for continuing professional development and enhances us as professionals, leading to a better teacher. It is a teacher’s responsibility to keep up to date with educational change and subject specialism, as well as technology advances and basic skills [English and Maths]. This can be...
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