Why People Move to Big Cities to Settle Down?

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  • Published : September 5, 2012
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By Nguyen Nhat Huy

Immigration to urban areas has attracted much social concern. Sociologist are trying to find out different reasons. My writing will critically present the main causes. First and foremost, what I put in my priority is working opportunities. Needless to say, moving to big cities, people have more chance to get jobs. With a huge population, big urban always create various needs. As a result, big cities offer a wide range of job from simple job such as car washing, ticket selling to positions which required high qualifications such as doctor, lawyer, architect. Hence, people will have more chance to get suitable jobs here. More interestingly, immigrating to big town are equal to facing more challenges. Working environment in big cities is very competitive. By deal with challenges in that competitive environment, we are likely to sharpen our skills and make ourselves become more dynamic. Therefore, we have more abilities for promotion in our career. That the attraction of the movement to big cities. Second of all, living conditions hold no less importance. Clearly, inhabitants in big cities are likely to approach advanced education. Big cities are financial and business centers with a lot of companies, enterprises and corporations. In order to meet the huge needs of competent human resources, high quality education institutions are often located large urban. As a result, people who live there always have chance to study in education systems which are equipped with modern facilities and good teachers. Notably, what make good living conditions in big cities is not only education but also heath care. With high number of hospitals and medical centers, people can be quickly taken care in case of emergency. They are also provided a disputable convenience in choosing appropriate places to be examined and treated. Modern facilities and well-trained doctors in these health care system are likely to find exactly the health problems and deliver the best...
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