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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Ade Rumadutu
Mrs. Byrd
English 3-2nd
Persuasive Essay
At times, the living environment affects the way we commute, travel and socialize; hence big cities and small suburbs come clashing with their advantages and disadvantages. People choose to live at places at their preference thus why it will affect many people different ways. Whether it is the quiet town or the busy city, benefits and consequences may follow. In my opinion, I believe living in a big city would be beneficial for me in my economic and social life. Throughout society and life the evidence to support my viewpoint is very persuasive. Although towns are easier to commute, the transportation may be limited compared to the large cities with the more advanced infrastructures. Take for an example, a major injury; it would be vital to rescue the injured as soon as possible. With the small city social support, the services are also limited; thus why living in a big city with connected roads would take care of the injured with ease and less time. In times of crisis, emergency and aid is needed immediately: Only through advanced care system and impeccable infrastructure can lives be saved. With big cities, there are bigger opportunities: People can take a greater chance to study and work for the best. Big cities are usually the heart of excelled Universities. Besides studying, big cities provide students and communities areas of interests as well. Moreover, as you graduate, there are better chances to earn a job at much ease in the big city. On the contrary, small cities or country sides lack the concentration of big corporations and companies. Hence, many students and employees seek the quality of studying and working in the big city. Furthermore, big cities aren't just the heart of business life; it is also the center of entertainment. Big cities distribute more theatres, cafes, commercial centers than in small towns. Big cities promote social life in a convenient location; there are more...
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