Pros&Cons of Living in Megacities

Topics: City, Pollution, Population Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Living in Megacities
1. The quality of life in such megalopolises is better than was predicted. Life expectancy is longer in the big cities than in smaller ones or in the countryside. Urban dwellers are more likely to have good sewage disposal and running water than are their rural compatriots. And cities tend to offer superior medical care, greater educational opportunities and more jobs. 2. In the city people have more chances to be employed, as the range of jobs is greater than in a village. Besides in the city people have more chances to succeed. 3. Cities may provide better services to people, reduce poverty, improve life expectancy and more wisely manage our planet's massive population growth. 4. International aid money has gone largely to funding rural projects. 5. Environmentally, concentrating the population in urban areas is preferable. Already there are so many people on the planet that if every household in the world had a tract house and a small plot of earth, there would be no land left for farming – let alone for parks. 6. Sprawl is a much less efficient way to use the planet’s resources – and it seriously worsens urban problems like air pollution because so much energy is required to move people around. 7. Life in the city is much easier than in the country - developed transport system, sewerage (water drain) system, information, sports, shopping malls, etc. 8. Life is never dull in the city, people always have something to do here. There is far more entertainment in the city than in the country. Cities offer high concentration of good things in life: big stores, restaurants, theatres, cinema, art galleries. Life is more convenient in a city: services are always better here, in the city people are more open-minded. It is possible to go out, make friends and never be cut off from them by weather conditions. 9. Many people love the busy city life. It is enough for them to visit a country at weekends. Cons:

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