Is It Better to Grow Uo in a Small Town or in a Big City?

Topics: Town, City, English-language films Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: December 12, 2008
It´s better to grow up in a big city than in a small town, because there are many advantages for children in big cities, as have a better education, have more opportunities, have a good quality of life, plus almost all of the places that children want to go are not far and finally children get more motivated and responsible. First of all, children who grow up in big cities have a better education; there are a wide range of schools for them to choose and there are more universities, colleges and career opportunities. Also, most of the prestigious schools are located in big cities, especially in develop countries. Actually, many children have to go to a big city for their study and it is also a problem for them to live far from home. Furthermore, living in a big city gives more opportunities for children to widen their mind in many aspects. They can see many things that they might not see in small towns. For example, the development of technology and telecommunication usually takes place in big cities. If children are familiar with technology, the can harmonize with the global development. Also, since most famous people and organizations concentrate in big cities, children can have a chance to benefits like get scholarships or awards. In addition, bringing up children in a city provide them to a good quality of life. Imagine living in a small town that takes one or two hours to go to the closest hospital, plus in big cities can provide them with good medical treatment. Big cities offer a variety of extra curricula activities like sport clubs, art and dance schools and more; these activities are very important for children´s development. Also, it doesn’t take a long way to go to the places that children want to go such as going shopping, going to a mall, going to a concert or a movie and many special events, but if they live in small towns it takes more money and time to get to those places. Lastly, big cities motivate children with all the people who are...
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