Is It Better to Live in the Country or the City

Topics: City, United Kingdom, Industrial Revolution Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: August 10, 2013
Is it better to live in the countryside or the city?

Nowadays, while many young people try to settle in the city, most old people prefer to live in the countryside. In my opinion it's much better to live in the city, especially if you have a family.

Firstly, most people like quiet areas like villages and the countryside but you always find the best facilities in the city. People who have children need to live near hospitals and schools and places like nurseries and shopping centres so they can be there in a short time. Although these places make cities busier they also make life much easier for most people.

Secondly, most factories and offices are in the city and people who work in them need to travel. It's much easier for people if they live near where they work so they don't have to travel a long way. However, there are many people, especially in the UK, who love the peace and quiet of the countryside and prefer to travel a long way to get to work.   

Thirdly, I live in a very multicultural area where there are lots of people from many different countries. There are shops, restaurants and bars to visit as well as cinemas and theatres. Life is the city is much more active and vibrant than life in the country. 

In conclusion, it's much better to live in the city because there are more facilities, more job opportunities and more entertainment. If I get permission to stay in the UK I will move to Lincoln.
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