City Life vs Country Life

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11 November 2012
The City Life Vs. The Country Life
Living in certain areas pertains to the likes and needs of certain people. Some have a choice, others do not. Two main categories of living are the city and the country life. The city life being loud and exciting is reserved used for people with an on-the-go attitude. The country life on the other hand is in favor of a more calming approach to living. These two areas are different in the aspect of living because of the social outlet, economic quality, and many other reasons.

The nature of each area is different in the aspect of its habitat. The countryside is based in a natural setting. There are limited amounts of buildings and open land. On the other hand there is the city life which consists of many buildings scrunched together infused with pollution and over-population. As a result, actual living wins the favor of the countryside for its beautiful open spaces and trees surrounding the territory.

Transportation is a big factor of difference for both areas. The idea of walking to places is strange to the city life individual, but in the country life, it’s an everyday thing. Being a healthy factor of walking, the country life gains a recollection of the idea. In contrast, a city has many more things going on so places are spread out drastically so the need for cars, subways, and busses is needed for the busy rush hour of the city life. A large disadvantage of this situation is the pollution level is created with all the happenings of the city.

The economics of each area are varied in the fact one is more expensive to live in than the other. On a budget approach, living in the country life is a less expensive route to take while the city life is hard on a person’s wallet. But the fact of the matter is, making a living in the country life may be more difficult because of the opportunities not presented. While the city life has many opportunities to make a living,...
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