Pros and Cons of Living in the City

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  • Published : June 27, 2009
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Pros And Cons Of Living In The City
I stress the word "city" rather than small town, farm, or cabin in the woods because, in most cases your life can be far simpler in a city. A city's density leads to efficiencies in meeting your needs. Cities serve as a site for the exchange of labor, money, entertainment, culture, and are transit hubs. You can live in a city with less stuff than in the country, and your life can be richer through easy access to other people and culture. The city offers a safe, affordable metropolitan environment with a cosmopolitan atmosphere supporting a range of cultural events, services, educational institutions, and business opportunities. You'll have more difficulty finding a house with a yard in the city. Also it's hard to find a job and the cost of the life its very expense. Most big cities offer a plethora of museums, musical events, festivals and educational opportunities to bolster your knowledge and experiences. People in small communities look more for each other. Your goals for lifestyle will determine what features will tip your preference for one city over another. Also when you grow older, your health will have to take more precedence in your decision-making. The tribulations of city life could incite anyone to move to the country. Every city will have good and bad features. If you're looking for relaxation, it might be hard to find. Take classes or attend plays with your friends. Other cons of living in the city are you loss trees and vegetation and you'll have more traffic congestion and contamination. When you live in small town the people are more helpful. Maybe you would like to have more space in your retirement. Many buildings aren't fully accessible to the handicapped.