Why Growing Numbers of People Pay Attention to Cultivating Emotional Quotient?

Topics: Intelligence quotient, Intelligence, Emotional intelligence Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Why growing numbers of people pay attention to cultivating emotional quotient? “If your boss is rough on you, because you made a bad impression on him on the first day you worked, what will you do to change the way he viewed you?”What if you are asked the question like this? Recently, many companies pay more attention to EQ of their staff and applicants. Not only in the area of work but also in education, EQ cultivation has become the hot spot. According to the research in Harvard, IQ only plays a 20% part in the individual success, however, EQ plays an important 80% in the individual success. As we know, EQ defines how well you use what smarts you have, while IQ (intelligence Quotient) defines how smart you are. As matter of fact, we can do little to improve our IQ but do much to improve our EQ greatly. Besides, in nowadays society, people are required to enhance their all-round capabilities. Of course, IQ can help people a lot in their daily life, but EQ is the basic of how to use IQ efficiently. That’s the reason why people choose to pay more attention to improving their EQ. Generally speaking, most people who got high IQ are often exploited by those who got high EQ, for those who got high EQ can easily master the relation between themselves and others and receive the maximum value in the social life. Additionally, it is likely that people who got high EQ can be adept in “read” social situation and information. In a word, EQ is thought more highly now. People who got high EQ will be more and more popular down the line.
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