Sample Questionnaire for a Simple Thesis

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  • Published: July 10, 2012
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A Comparative Study between Intellectual Quotient and Emotional Quotient of Employees as Perceived by the Human Resource Manager of Selected Private Companies in Ortigas, Pasig City

PART I. Personal Information

Directions: Put a check (√) to your corresponding answer. Only one (1) answer per question is allowed.

Name (Optional): ________________________________________________________Age: _________

Sex: _____ MaleCivil Status: ______ Single

_____ Female______ Married

Length of Service as an HR Manager:

_____ Less than (6) months_____ More than (6) months


Directions: Put a check (√) to the column that best describe your reaction to the following. Check YES if you AGREE and NO if you DISAGREE.

|I. Differences of IQ and EQ |YES |NO | |1. IQ is an indicator of mental strength and capability while EQ is an indicator of | | | |emotional strength and capability. | | | |2. IQ tells how intellectually smart a person is while EQ tells how emotionally smart | | | |he/she is. | | | |3. We demonstrate IQ when we speak, write and solve mental challenges. We demonstrate EQ| | | |through our attitudes, which include our thoughts, feelings and behavior. | | | |4. IQ measures one’s cognitive abilities only while EQ is a measure of both emotional | | | |and cognitive abilities. | | |...
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