Why People Long to Keep Their Emotion?

Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Feeling Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: April 14, 2013
One day, by accident you find a friend of yours in a state of feeling blue, and honestly you ask him whether something wrong happened. If you are not his closest friend, never will he tell you the truth. Instead, a typical answer “Thanks you, I’m Ok” will be given to you as his thanks for your concern. This situation is not a new phenomenon in a small group of humans today, but a popular one in society that reflects people’s inclination to cover their feelings toward the others. Its causes are predominantly from these reasons below. People tend to bury their emotion because they do not believe that the others shall sympathize with them. In fact, humans usually have natural dread of revealing their deep psychological wounds since it is thought to make them become frail in eyes of other people. Some; thus, worry about being taken advantage as showing their sensitivity. Furthermore, a large number of folks also reckon the person they confide in can not understand their emotions; hence, they might be thought to be ridiculous or stupid. Obviously, lack of belief in others’ compassion leads people to keep their feelings inward. That people think the spread of their foul moods affects on others’ emotion unexpectedly is considered the second reason. Psychologists have proved that freely expressed feelings can be infected easily from one to one. For instance, a staff loses his control over anger, and behaves rudely at a meeting; absolutely, he does infect the rest by his feeling. In turn, all members at the meeting use the same fury or even stronger to criticize him. Especially, when confiding something nasty to confidants who love us, we make them worry about us. As the result, their concern sometimes deteriorates into agitation. Briefly, the effect of emotional spread on others is another principal contributor to the bias in putting feelings in heart. This phenomenon is also attributed to our popular belief that concealing feelings is wise. Although to stop outbursts...
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