Why Cats Make Better Pets than Dogs

Topics: Cat, Dog, Domestication Pages: 2 (884 words) Published: May 16, 2013
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It is a common knowledge that pets play an integral part in the life of contemporary people as well as they used to thousands of years ago. Which pet to choose is an age-old question and certainly a matter of opinion and may be definitely answered only by an individual pet owner as it depends on what the owner expects to see in his pet. There are those who experienced keeping different pets and after that call themselves either a cat person or a dog person according to preferences. Getting at the heart of the matter is really a serious thing as dog and cat-keepers continuously debate on the intelligence, their cleanness and inconveniences they may cause in various life situations. I consider cats to be better pets and more affectionate to humans and I am on the point of giving reasons. In ancient Egypt a cat became a pet as long as eight thousand years ago, as it was considered a sacred animal in Buddhism, it was supposed to have extra-senses. The Burmese cats for instance are thought to be sacred even now. Earlier priests considered that the faithful returned to earth as a cat. Moreover, when a person died, his soul was considered to enter the body of a cat and only then pass to paradise and cat soul was able to speak to Buddha in favor of her owner. Cats are worshiped as deities in contemporary world too, in China and Thailand in particular. The earliest signs of a cat as a domestic animal were noticed in Egyptian tomb paintings and later on they appeared on Greek coins(Gupta). It is no mere chance that cats were paid so much attention too and even venerated, sometimes considered mysterious due to their eyes glowing in the darkness, they are often read about in legends, myths and there is a number of superstitions about them. But actually cats are pleasant and beautiful, devoted to their owners according to their opinion and at the same time full of dignity and like to feel and behave like masters in their house....
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