Why Cats Are Bad Pets

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Fido or Kitty?

In ancient Egypt, they held cats up high for poise and grace; they even had a goddess cat, named Bast (Bastet). When Egyptians lost their cat, they would mourn as if they lost a family member. To kill a cat, even accidentally, was an automatic death sentence. Cats were believed to be guardians of the gates of hell, and to prevent demons, ghouls, and spirits from escaping, and prevent them from entering homes of humans. So why people find this animal cute, adorable, and friendly is beyond me. Who would want a pet that was held up to be a god? That people have killed over and treated like a human? That is associated with hell and all its demons? Animals aren’t human, so these cats should be treated exactly like pets. Not equals, not “man’s best friend”, but an animal. You can’t take them everywhere with you like you can a dog, and if you leave them home, they may pee everywhere, claw up the couch, get into everything they shouldn’t, and make a ridiculous mess.

Cats are a bit messy. They like to sleep everywhere, and leave their hair of the couch cushions, curtains, comforter, and your clothes. They walk on your ledges, and if you have picture frames, candles, or any type of décor, they will knock it over. It’s just a given, you’ll come home to your things on the floor. It seems like every time you’re walking, or in the kitchen, they are right there by your feet, weaving too and fro as you are trying to get from one place to the other. It’s almost like they are trying to kill you. They have no respect for your personal space. If you’re sitting on one end of the couch, taking up only one cushion, they will feel obliged to jump up on your lap and stay there till you have to move. If you do move, and come back, good luck getting back on their good side, because they want nothing to do with you. They have a lot of diva in them. One minute they want every little bit of your attention, and the next they want nothing to do with you and will hiss if...
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