Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Dogs are better than cats because they are active and love all the attention. They are easier to train and you can teach them tricks. Dogs Protect. Dogs will alert you by barking if there is a fire, robber or something creeping around the house, where as cats will carry on sleeping or escape from a fire and forget you.

Dogs are Happy. Dogs love to see you and their family, when you come home from school or work they will be excited or happy to see you, even if you are a bit grumpy, where as cats don’t care when you come home even if they come running all they want is their food.

Dogs Care. A dog can sense when you are a bit down or sad about something and will come to comfort you and cuddle you, a cat on the other hand doesn’t really care at all they just lie on their favourite chair sleeping. Dogs can do Trick. It is a lot easier to teach a dog a trick. They can learn so many tricks such as sit, lie down, roll over, come, and fetch. A cat knows how to claw your body, eat food and lay around all day doing nothing. Dogs aren’t selfish. Dogs are extremely loyal and will help you in almost any danger situation. A cat would not do anything but run away from the danger and not bother to help

My opinion. I think dogs are better than cats because they are loving, caring, loyal, and are so much fun to own.
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