Whirlpool: Marketing and Green Kitchen

Topics: Marketing, Kitchen, Target market Pages: 5 (1659 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Target Market Segmentation, Positioning

Designed and developed in Europe, GREENKITCHEN is a Kitchen Eco-system concept. It supports a strategy to develop cutting edge products within technological reach that offer high energy-efficiency and reduce impact on the environment. Inspired by nature, GREENKITCHEN seeks out ways to adapt, reduce and recycle; using only what is needed for each task. It reduces waste that negatively impacts the environment, optimizing resources and imitating the cycles of nature. In order to launching the Green kitchen successfully, produced under the umbrella name Bauknecht, because the brand is stand for  quality, reliability and premium performance and It focuses on consumers who enjoy life with friends and family. A re-positioning of Bauknecht will be done by targeting at the high end market, because Green kitchen is involving premium products which target in a high segment. It will be launched in Sweden, the reason to enter into Sweden is to remain market share through innovation and attract people which tend to be more eco-conscious. The existing manufacturing facility in Norrköping, Sweden, is upgrading its ventilation system to a more cost effective system. This upgrade will reduce the facility’s energy consumption by approximately 20 percent and provide a more comfortable working environment for employees. Through advertisement in economic magazines and participate in fairs with these particular product could increase our brand awareness as well as market share, and find more opportunities to enter into B2B market that offers a complete kitchen as one product.

Due to the fact that Whirlpool’s Green products are user-friendly, eco-efficiency and premium quality, Bauknecht focuses on a broad sector in the middle to upper middle class in order to be accessible to the potential consumers who are motivated by ideals. They are mature, satisfied, comfortable, and wealth people who value order, knowledge, and responsibility. They tend to be well educated and are well-informed about world and national events such as environment protection.

8.  Strategy
Emphasis on environmental impact, innovation and user savings.World wide more emphasis is placed on erasing carbon footprints, reducing environmental impact, waste and becoming more ecologically and environmental friendly. Bauknecht’s focus is on implementing kitchens that are centred around environmental technologies to address the above concerns but still satisfy people’s needs for performance and functionality. By reducing environmental impact less energy is used in the operation of the green kitchens appliances as such a savings in electricity and hydro will be passed on to consumers.Use of the brand name Bauknecht for establishing the green kitchen. Bauknecht will be the umbrella under which the green kitchen will be introduced. By not including it into the existing product-line of Bauknecht but using the Green kitchen as a separated line under which a series of several innovative products will be introduced, all products in the Green kitchen line will have the advantage to fit inside the kitchen. By creating the green (whole) kitchen, a new market is created. By creating this new market there are no existing competitors, therefore we can rapidly become the bench mark brand. Through innovation we can retain our market position. Because this market is a new market, the limits of the market aren’t defined. This means that without competitors the new market is easily entered, as well as an easy access to growth of Bauknecht’s market share. Placing the green kitchen at the heart of a development projects the developer has a solid foundation in which challenge or inspire them to match our environmental commitment and to impress home-buyers or renters with our dedication for sustainability. Going beyond environmental and social standards with the green kitchen appliances Bauknecht looks to increase what the user perceives as value.Replacing...
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