Microwave Oven Case Study

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  • Published : October 7, 2011
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February 21, 2011
Marketing Case- Microwave Ovens
An efficient market strategy to market White Appliances in the Indian market would be to focus on marketing the foods they eat that can be easily made in a microwave oven. Indian culture is all about the fresh foods and traditional cultures. They need to find some way to incorporate the culture with the appliances. Some suggestions I have are: * Make cook books to use with the microwave oven

* Market the appliance in more than just the urban areas
* Develop classes to attend so people can see how the oven works * Promote the efficiency of the appliance
One housewife mentioned that it made it easier for her husband to cook because the microwave oven was easy for him to use. They could also market the fact that children as well as husbands can easily use the appliances. Mothers sometimes have so much on their hands and it is hard to make a full meal. If they use those market ideas it might appeal more to the working families. I also think they need to have commercials showing how the oven works. Some people are skeptical on buying items that they know nothing about if they have not previously seen it used. I think that also if the appliance companies make some type of other appliances that correlate with the Indian food dishes and the microwave it might be appealing. Some people have been skeptical of the appliance because it goes against the way their food is usually made. Maybe if they’re appliances that make the food the same way, but it is made in the microwave it might help. The target market should be wider and be for rural and urban markets. I think the only way to really promote the appliances is to lower the prices a little more because people will be un-sure on buying very expensive appliances if they do not see the overall benefit. They need to promote the appliances through billboards, television commercials, and also spokespersons. There will also be other competition but if White...
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