Conventional Ovens vs. Microwave Ovens

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Conventional Ovens vs. Microwave Ovens

Modern technology has touched everyone in some form or fashion. This includes everyday items such as the conventional and microwave oven. Both cook food, however, each cooks in its own particular way. Conventional oven cooks at a slower pace and the microwave speeds up cooking time by using specially prepared, packed entrees. This paper will compare and contrast conventional ovens and microwave ovens.

Conventional ovens can be found in a majority of homes around the world. Since its invention, consumers have found the conventional oven prepares food to their liking. It bakes food that is appealing to the human eye. "In a conventional oven, the heat has to migrate (by conduction) from the outside of the food toward the middle" ( This means the temperature of the oven must be set accordingly so foods do not burn before they are cooked in the middle (i.e. chicken, meatloaf, etc.). However, as technology advanced, the microwave oven was introduced.

Microwave ovens are the answer to the consumer who does not have the time to wait for a meal. Using radio waves to cook specially prepared, packaged foods, a person can prepare a full-course meal in a matter of minutes. "In a microwave oven, the air in the oven is at room temperature, so there is no way to form a crust" ( Microwaves cooks foods from the inside out and must use specially designed cookware (called sleeves) to "brown" or even "fry" foods. In conclusion, conventional and microwave ovens both cook foods. The differences between the two are the methods used to prepare foods. Conventional ovens use dry heat and brown foods at slower temperatures. Most cooks prefer the use of conventional ovens to brown

foods to please the palate. Microwave ovens use microwaves to cook food, and although it cooks food faster than conventional ovens, special cookware is needed to prepare the food. Also, if not cooked...
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