Marketing Plan Management

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Case Study Houzit Brisbane
Marketing plan management

Juliana Silva Brandao

Marketing Management plan

1. Marketing activities

Marketing objectives

The market for home-wares in Brisbane is estimated last year at $175 million per annum with an anticipated growth rate of the percent in the coming year.

Here I outline the following marketing objectives:

• 12% market share (up from 11%)

• Increase in sales by 8.5% over last year’s result

No expansion stores are planned during this phase of consolidation and on average the stores achieved $24,680 per week for the year

Marketing activities

Here we present the marketing activities that show potential for the organisation’s growth in seasonal demand that occurs during this period.

• Increased marketing – focus on magazine advertising and PR

• In-store promotions and web based promotions – in-store displays will feature advertising visuals and link the featured products with other areas in Houzit’s assortment. At the same time, the company’s web page will also carry the advertising visuals on the home page and will use the PR copy in article marketing on popular article content sites. The webpage will be targeted towards the key words found in the PR article and featured in the advertising of ‘stylish bathroom’ and ‘exotic mirrors’. These keywords will also be secured via pay-per-click traffic directing.

• Focus in bathroom fittings and mirror categories with linkages to the other two categories of bedroom fittings and decorative items.

• Key driver in achieving the marketing objectives is through the opportunity of having advertising space together with a PR write up in one of the leading home-ware magazines and their website.

• For the next six months the company needs to follow the industry trend of e-commerce by allowing purchases online. In order for this to happen, Tony and I (our webpage designer) will focus on the development of this new feature into our current website. This is extremely important as in order to achieve the company’s objectives in regards to the market share we need to implement this facility into our website as this will increase our sales.

2. Integration of organisational activities

All advertising PR and in-store displays will carry the web address line of “Find us at”. With the implementation of web purchases facilities online and integrating all marketing activities in order to promote the website, it is guaranteed that the company will achieve the objectives of sales and market share for the following year.

The strong Australian dollar was making the imports cheaper to buy, putting pressure on the local suppliers to match prices. As a result, some of our competitors have signalled a drop in the retail price of their quality imported home-wares. Imports were usually an area of high margins for the company and any loss there could be a serious issue.

The company will have to adapt to these trends and try to compete with prices when ordering online, for example, the company should introduce a few discounted products for purchases online only, so we will be able to cut store costs as e-commerce is much cheaper because it is only implemented system that will do the sale instead of having all staff at the store to sell, advise customers and organise the shelfs.

As our organisation will have to monitor both Australian dollar and competitor prices, it is important to analyse how this will be implemented and how it will influence on the company’s decisions in all marketing activities. Firstly we will have to purchase a new system that will be able to manage the purchases made online and to transfer each sale to the production and distribution...
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