Marketing Plan

Topics: Law, Consumer protection, Consumer Pages: 7 (2363 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Assignment Brief|
Title of Qualification:Edexcel BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Business (Management)| Unit title(s): Unit 26, Business Law| Unit code(s): R/601/1145| Learner: | Assessor:Ruslan Myrzalimov| Internal Verifier: Chris Manning| Title of Assignment: A Review of Legal Relationship Between Organizations and Their ConsumersRelated learning outcomes: LO 1 Be able to apply the main principles affecting the legal relationship between organizations and their consumers| AssignmentNumber:__1__of __4__for this Unit| Date set: January 28, 2013| Review Dates:February 04, 2013February 11, 2013February 18, 2013| Date for final submission: February 25, 2013| Learner declaration: I confirm that this assignment is my own work and any assistance received has been acknowledged and all sources have been stated.Signature: Date: | Scenario:You are a legal analyst for the Kalikova & Associates Company. In preparation for a large cooperative initiative, you have been tasked with reviewing the legal relationships between businesses and their consumers.Grading: If no merit and distinction descriptors are stated below then there is no opportunity to earn Merit or Distinction grades for this assignment.| Sources of information: Lecture #1 Main principles of legal regulations concerning consumer rights protections, and the sales processPrint Out of the Respective Law (Consumer Rights Protection Law)Lecture #2, Law of Notary Activity, and respective Civil Code (electronic version)Lecture #3 Civil Code, Sales Process Regulations, and Tax Codes protecting consumers and sellersLecture #4 Laws for Product Liability, Technical Standards, and Civil Code.| Possible evidence: For each task: Well-structured report from 900 words to 2000 words with 12 font size, Times New Roman and 1.5 spaces. Practical Simulation in class. Studentswho do not participate in the class legal simulations; will not the option for Merit or Distinction.| Tasks: to achieve a pass; all learning outcomes and associated assessment criteria must be met.| 1st Task: Apply the required legal statute that regulates the legal relationships between your choice local company and their consumers.What is the name of the company?For this task I have chosen online shop Online Shop began their operating on Independence Day of Kyrgyz republic on August 31, 2004. The main issue of opening online shop was the lack of opportunity to purchase a wide range of products in one shop. Therefore, mission is: to provide a wide range of products at the best price and with the good services. offers to date, about 100,000 kinds of products to order. Nowadays, is a full-featured online shop, where people can buy: cell phones and communicators standards GSM, radio telephones, office and banking equipment (shredders, counters, currency and coins), computer solutions and accessories, photo and video cameras, game consoles, home appliances, perfumes, clothes. In this case, people do not need to leave offices and houses. What law and Civil codes govern the relationships between the company and the customers? I think that main law that governs relationship between company and customers is “Protection of Consumer rights”. When customers want to order something online, first of all they should look to the pictures, which are shown on their website. These particular pictures have to match to the products, which will be delivered to the customer. If product does not match to the picture in their website, has to change product to the appropriate one. This law is shown in “Protection of Consumer rights”. Another point, which I want to explain, is warranty certificate. If customer bought a product and this product has deviation or not working at all, has to change to appropriate one. They has warranty certificate from 3 days to 3 years, it depends on...
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