Advertising and Promotion Assignment: Identifying Separate Tasks

Topics: Kellogg Company, Will Keith Kellogg, Creativity Pages: 13 (1377 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Student assignment guidelines for HNC
Advertising & Promotion in Business – Unit 18

The essential parts of the assignment are :

Title page
Table of contents
Main body of the assignment clearly identifying the separate tasks Conclusions and recommendations
Appendix (only if relevant and necessary)

Complete your report in 3000 10% tolerance. Show your word count at the end. Word count excludes title page, table of contents, reference pages appendices and charts /graphs. Please be aware if sections of the assignment have their own word counts.

The report should be grammatically correct and word processed. Pages should be numbered. Use font size 12 with line spacing 1.5. The use of subheadings within the document and bullet points may aid producing a better structure and presentation.

List reference using the Harvard referencing style.

You will pass the assignment only if you achieve all Pass criteria. Merit and Distinction require further analytical and critical commentary.

The assignment deadline is final, no late submissions will be accepted. Assignments will have to be submitted by 11.59 pm on the day of deadline. The assignment is due in on 13thMarch 2013 and a soft copy must be uploaded to ‘Turnitin’.

Grade descriptors
A pass grade is achieved by meeting all the requirements defined in the pass assessment criteria for each unit.

Merit descriptors

Indicative characteristics

Distinction descriptors

Indicative characteristics

In order to achieve a merit the learner
Identify and apply strategies to find
appropriate solutions

The learner’s evidence shows:

In order to achieve a distinction the
Use critical reflection to evaluate
own work and justify valid

The learner’s evidence shows:

Select/design and apply appropriate

Present and communicate
appropriate findings

relevant theories and techniques have
been applied
effective judgements have been made
complex problems with more than one
variable have been explored
an effective approach to study and
research has been used
work was submitted within the
timeframe allowed

a range of methods and techniques have
been applied
a range of sources of information used
the selection of methods and
techniques/sources justified
the design of methods/techniques
complex information/data have been
synthesised and processed
appropriate learning
methods/techniques applied
appropriate structure and approach has
been used
logical and coherent arguments have
been presented
technical language accurately used
a range of methods of presentation has
been used
appropriate media used
familiar and unfamiliar contexts have
been used
it is appropriate for familiar and
unfamiliar audiences

Take responsibility for managing
and organising activities

Demonstrate convergent, lateral and
creative thinking

synthesis has been used to generate
and justify valid conclusions
the validity of results has been
self criticism of approach has taken
evaluation has taken place using
defined criteria
realistic improvements have been
proposed against defined
characteristics for success
substantial activities/projects or
investigations have been planned,
managed and organised
joint/activities of others have been
the unforeseen has been
the importance of interdependence
has been recognised
ideas generated and decisions taken
self evaluation has taken place
convergent and lateral thinking have
been applied
problems have been solved
capacity for innovation and creative
thought has been used
receptiveness to new ideas...
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