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Abraham Ipe
Josh Zimmerman
Natalia Gluschuk
Kyle Bickley


1. Mission Statement: Page 2
2. Marketing Objectives: Page 2
3. SWOT Analysis: Pages 2-4
4. Target Market: Page 4-5
5. Marketing Activities: Pages 5-7
6. Lessons Learned: Pages 7-15
a) Year 1
b) Year 2
c) Year 3
d) Year 4
e) Year 5
f) Year 6
g) Year 7
h) Year 8
i) Year 9
j) Year 10

7. Summary: Pages 16-17

To establish Allstar Brands as a market leader of Over-The-Counter multi-symptom cold/allergy relief, while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction through product effectiveness, quality and affordability.

• To increase the stock price by 3 points every 2 years • To maintain a combined direct/indirect sales force of no less than 140 • To increase net income to $40 million in the next 2 years • To increase brand awareness by 5% yearly for all products of Allstar toward a long-term goal of 85%, thereafter any increase is found sufficient • To maintain advertising budget expenditure above $26 million, minimum $10 million toward Allround, Allround+ and minimum $9 million toward Allright • Introduce one new product within every 3-year period according to appropriate market trends and characteristics of demand • To keep promotional allowance at or above 14% for all products • To increase customer satisfaction to 60% for all Allstar Brand products within the next 2 years

3. SWOT:
• Allstar Brands have a competitive advantage which is based on the lowest price in the cold/allergy market • Brand awareness for the products of Allstar Brands is one of the highest among the competitors • Product mix targets variety of ailments (Allround – multi-symptom, Allround+ - cold and allergy, Allright – cough and cold) • Customer satisfaction for Allstar products ranges from 54% to 61% • Allround is the second highest brand purchased among the OTC medicine and has the second largest market share of manufacturing sales • Allround Brand perception of cough and ache medicine is the highest among the competitors • Steady rise of product contribution for Allright and Allround+ • Allstar offers relief for all of the most frequent symptoms of ailments: aches, coughing, and chest congestion • Allright attains largest market share based on manufacturing sales of 14.9% in the cough medicine market

• Low sales force
• Steep drop off of stock price after year five
• Allround has the lowest net income among the competitors • Advertising budget for every product is not sufficient for leading a proper advertising campaign to increase brand awareness • A stronger competitor Besthelp keeps Allround from being the leader of brands purchased • Low budget allocated to promotional mix of all 3 products • Current customer’s intentions to buy Allround, Allround+ and Allright are larger than Allstar can produce • Annual fall of Allround’s total sales and product contribution since year 5 • Constant fall of trade ratings for Allright and Allround+ • Allstar Brands takes third place in retail sales

• Medium quality of advertising due to advertising agency S&R hired

• Introduction of new products in the future
• Investment in Research and Development to improve composition of existing and new products • Becoming the highest brand purchased among OTC medicine and reaching the highest marketing share in manufacture sales • Changing brand formulation of products according to existing market needs • Population growth rate of 1.6%

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