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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Proposed marketing strategy
I want to highlight a few strategies we can use to recruit students for the next intake at Linton University and other partner universities. 1. Seminars and public talks
I would carry out seminars to create awareness about our services Places I intend to have seminars or talks include
* Schools
* Place of religious worship
* Embassies
2. Hand bills and call cards
I would make A5 flyers and call cards that look like complimentary cards, and distribute in to strategic places like * Embassies
* Hotels
* Travel agencies
* airport
* schools
* lecture houses
* banks
3. bulk sms and social networking
I would use bulk sms to reach our target audience. I would also explore the option of using every known social media platform to do a massive advert by way of constant broadcast message and tweeting 4 Mass media

We could also explore the option of the medium of the mass media as a way of creating awareness of our product. * The national dailies
* radio jingles
* tv commercials
5 the internet
We would also explre the options of avertising on blogs that Nigerians do visit a lot Blogs like
* to mention but a few

Things I need to start with
Urgent ones
* Letter of authorization or recommendation.
I need this letter to identify me as an authorized personnel to market for the school and to put it inside the printed template that I would use as a marketing material

* Flyers and call cards
* Copies of school brochures
* Application forms
* School branded email for me
Not too urgent
* Complimentary cards
* Office
* Identity card
* Mass media adverts

How I intend to go about it

* As soon as I get an official letter of authority, authorizing me to act on behalf of the school, I would print it out and attach it to the template u have given to me; then I would book...
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