Nhs Acceptance Letter

Topics: High school, Leadership Pages: 9 (2115 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Student Activity Information Form
(Note: This is NOT an application form.)

Directions: Please complete all sections. (Please type or print.) Do not be modest. Every bit of information can be used by the Faculty Council to assist with the selection process. Completion of this form does not guarantee selection.

I. Administrative Information
First Period Teacher LeDoux, Debra L. Name Madelyn CarlsonSecond Period Teacher Keith-Ott, Wendy

II. Cocurricular Activities – List all activities in which you have participated during high school or middle school. Include clubs, teams, musical groups, etc., and major accomplishments in each.

|Activity |Year |Accomplishments | | |8 |9 |10 |11 | | |Soccer Team |X |X |(will be)| |Varsity team in 8th grade, JV in 9th | | | | |X | |Scored winning goal in 8th final tournament | |Swim Team | |X |(will | |My relay team won in one of the meets at Lakeside High | | | | |be)X | |School | |Scribbler | | |X | |None yet to speak of, my year of being a member of the | | | | | | |Scribbler is near in the future | |Year Book Staff |X | | | |Compiled class pages in yearbook, and made a major effect | | | | | | |in receiving ads |

IIILeadership Positions – List all elected or appointed leadership positions held in school, community or work activities. Only those positions in which you were directly responsible for directing or motivating others should be included. For example, elected student body, class or club officer; committee chairperson; team captain; newspaper editor; work area manager; or community leader. |Activity |Year |Accomplishments | | |8 |9 |10 |11 | | |Senator of DHS | | |X | |Have not had the pleasure yet to see what I can accomplish. | | | | | | |This is for the upcoming year | |Leader of Yearbook team |X | | | |Completed a successful yearbook two years in a row | |Class President of my 8th grade class at Richmond |X | | | |Helped develop the in-school-out-of-class volunteer work | |Montessori | | | | |around Richmond, Virginia | |Acted as a leader in different class-room/ school | |X | | |During the entire soccer season, we only...
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